STA Tutor Course


STA Tutor Course

Aquatic Tutor 2016

The Aquatic Tutor qualification aims to train those with the appropriate pre-requisites to teach and examine STA’s Aquatic qualifications within their discipline.

This qualification includes the STA Level 3 Award in Education and Training (QCF) qualification; Ofqual qualification number: 601/1013/2.

Venue: Orchid Country Club

Date: N.a.

Fee: $2500.00


·       Be 21 years of age or older

·       Hold current membership of STA

-      Activce volunteer with SSTA committee team for 5 years

·       Hold a valid aquatic teaching qualification in the chosen discipline for a minimum of 2 years (for acceptable equivalents, please contact STA):

o   STA Certificate in Swimming Teaching or acceptable equivalent

o   Baby & Pre-School

o   People with Disabilities

o   Aquacise or acceptable equivalent

·       Provide evidence of at least 200 hours of teaching experience in the chosen discipline (50 hours if the chosen discipline is Aquacise)

·       Hold the STA Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults certificate or acceptable equivalent (not required if the chosen discipline is Aquacise)

·       Complete the Technical Competency Test for the chosen discipline

·       Complete the Course Administration Unit

Validity of Award:

To maintain the validity of this qualification, tutors must:

·       Deliver at least 1 full course within a 3 year period

·       Attend updates and a refresher course, as and when required by STA

·       Be moderated tutoring once during each 3 year period (fee applicable)

·       Be moderated examining once during each 3 year period (no fee applicable)

Length of Course

30 Recommended Guided Learning Hours

Course Information

This qualification covers:

·       Demonstrating the ability to deliver technical theory topics in the chosen discipline

·       Understanding how to organise and deliver an STA Aquatic course

·       Completing the Level 3 Award in Education and Training & Assessing Vocational
Achievement (if this is already held, evidence must be provided to STA)

Assessment Criteria

·       Continual assessment by the tutor

·       Complete the portfolio to the satisfaction of the course tutor

·       Complete a 50 question multiple-choice paper with a pass mark of 37/50

·       Be externally assessed demonstrating the ability to deliver a technical theory topic



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